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How to modify your equipment and Weapons in Warframe

In this section, we are going to discuss how to mod your weapons and equipment for the best result in your gameplay. 

Well, Warframe is a fantastic game with a decent amount of RPG elements. The game is all about stacking with mods that enhance the frames’ abilities and key features. When you level up in your game, it will be harder to create a build and this is where modding comes in. 


Modding is about how you personalize your weapons and warframe builds that fit your style. Selecting the required modules to create a Warframe build is not much easier.

What are Mods?

Mods are the upgrading system which is essential to create a Warframe build. Mods are special cards that enhance the speed, power, survivability, utility, and damage. Let’s get into the basics of mods to understand how they work.

How to mod your equipment and weapon?

You can mod your Weapons, Warframes, Companions, and Archwings inside the stockpile. All you need to do is choose the piece of equipment that you’re interested in configuring and click the “upgrade” option next to the chosen equipment. This will redirect you to the modding screen to create your Warframe.

Expand the Capacity and Polarity of your Warframe

For each Warframe modding, you’ll have 10 slots. 2 at the first row followed by two rows each having 4 slots. The first 2 slots on the first row are used for Aura mods. The other slots are used based on their polarities. 

The capacity and polarity of the mod slot can vary with the use of resources like Orokin, Formas, Reactors.

  • Forma – This resource is used to change the slot polarity for any weapon, Warframe, and companion. 
  • Orokins – It is used to double the capacity of your weapon, companion, and Warframe.
  • Endo – It is a special currency used for powering up the mods.

Wrapping up

Hope we have given an idea to mod your weapons and equipment to play your game with more fun. We guess this guide serviced you in a helpful way. Try out with the Warframe builds listed here and have fun with the space warriors. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us!